Hoffwn gyhoeddi fod Cyfrifon Cyngor Cymuned Llanwnda 2018 - 2019 ar gael i'w gweld o'r 1af o Orffennaf - 26ain o Orffennaf drwy gysylltu a'r clerc.

Mrs Eleri Thomas

E-bost: clercllanwnda@yahoo.co.uk neu rhif ffôn - 07989117187.

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Llanwnda Community Council’s catchment area includes the villages of Rhosgadfan, Rhostryfan, Rhos Isaf, Dinas, Llanwnda and Saron.  The nearest town is Caernarfon with it’s historical castle.

Around 2000 reside in approximately 800 homes within Llanwnda.  There are three schools, namely Rhosgadfan, Rhostryfan and Felinwnda.  There are also numerous small businesses in the area including farm guesthouses, garages, restaurants and outdoor pursuit shops.

The main attraction of the area is the fantastic landscape, with its imposing mountains, numerous public footpaths and the opportunity to see and be amongst the area’s wildlife.